Women’s Resource Network is an emerging organization whose focus is the cultivation and acceptance of diversity, identification of gender-specific needs and issues, and the improvement of economic status and quality of life for all women in the Hammond area. 

It is the group’s belief that through the usage of various networking scenarios (peer-to-peer, mentor-mentee/protege and grass roots organizing) and approaches, we can effect substantive change that will enhance and affect women’s responses to exposure to issues relating to self-determination/improvement, economic empowerment, entrepreneurship and promote political awareness and advocacy. 

 Women’s Resource Network must be accountable to the female population of Hammond and surrounding municipalities.

 Women’s Resource Network is committed to the education, training and development of women in the workforce and providing continuing support as they achieve workplace success.

 Women’s Resource Network will encourage and develop leadership training for women in order to retain their presence within the community and sustain forward progress on issues important to women.

 Women’s Resource Network must provide information and resources to help women to escape poverty

 Women’s Resource Network will encourage activism on issues that adversely affect the female population (domestic violence, sexism, equal pay, etc.).

 Women’s’ Resource Network will reflect and embrace the diverse community of women that exists in the Hammond area.

 Women’s’ Resource Network will be committed to excellence in all we do.

To create, foster and sustain an environment that recognizes, nurtures and rewards the myriad efforts initiated by the female population that result in an improved quality of life.

Through inclusion we strive to empower women to establish their independence by expanding their horizons through education, employment, career choices and professional development, in order to obtain financial security for themselves and their families. (By inclusion we mean that we will embrace all women, no matter what their circumstance and assist them in improving their situation. [Faith, status, economic level, etc.])

As women increase their stature personally, they will in turn reinvest within their communities by mentoring, sharing their knowledge and experiences and teaching others that through hard work and nurturing support, they will improve the quality of life not only for themselves and their families, but their communities.
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