Women’s Resource Network. What is it?

Women’s Resource Network. What is it? It is the result of women coming together talking about what they see as being needed for women in Hammond. Over the years, women have sought help and did not know where to look for guidance or assistance.

This organization was formed to provide a helping hand to all women.

As a newcomer or longtime resident do you know where the women owned businesses are located? The fastest growing sector for small business development is women. Being a mother do you know what is available for your children regarding education and recreation? Studies show that women make the choices regarding where children go to school and the safety of the equipment on which they play. Decisions on housing choices are made everyday by working women, retired women, single mothers etc. based on neighborhood safety and affordability. Women are becoming homeowners at a greater rate than ever before. How many women do you know have the knowledge and funds to prepare for their eventual retirement? You don’t know? That’s what we are here to do: To help you help yourselves and your families.

“How does this affect me?” you ask. Everyone needs help at some point in their life to improve themselves or their situation. Even if you do not need the help, someone that you know may. That person could be your friend, sister, or mother. You want to help them but you didn’t know what to do or where to go. Women’s Resource Network is your helping hand. Our organization was formed to help women through empowerment and advocacy. We are an organization that works on your behalf to benefit your life.

Take a look at us. Come to one of our monthly meetings. We will offer information and support. We can be the first link in your network for self-improvement. Everyone has or needs a support network where they can turn to in good times or bad. Let us join together to support all women in becoming the best they can be. Become part of Women’s Resource Network.

The purpose of the Women’s Resource Network Inc., is the cultivation and acceptance of diversity, identification of gender specific needs and issues, and the improvement of economic status and quality of life for all women in the Hammond area. This will be accomplished through the provision and coordination of information services, receipt and disbursement of grants and revenues, the development of projects, and provision of collaborative partnerships that include but are not limited to self-determination /improvement, economic empowerment, entrepreneurship, political awareness and advocacy; the areas of public recreation, housing choice, public safety, education, the arts, youth development, and employment skills.

Our strategies include:

  • Recruitment of members
  • Maintenance of a membership database
  • Establishment of a resource library
  • Presentation of forums/workshops/training/seminars on specific topics
  • Gender specific projects undertaken annually/biannually


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